Good News:iPhone X Supply Has Improved With A Lot Of Models Now Shipping In Five Days

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Apple AAPL: (%)have trapped with iPhone X demand, and many models now ship through the company’s site in a couple of days.

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MacRumors first noted the progres in supply.

In the usa, nearly all models of the white and black iPhone X might be ordered today for delivery between December 13 and December 15, just 2-5 days from now. It becomes an improvement since launch, if the iPhone X order page typically stated it would ship within a fortnight.

The exception appears to be the T-Mobile 128GB and 256GB models, in the white and black, which is to be delivered by Dec. 19 in accordance with Apple’s website. That’s still a noticable difference and means most orders placed now should arrive before Christmas.

Which should alleviate early concerns Apple may not be capable of meeting demand through the holiday season.

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