Good News:Updated iPad With Lowest-Ever Price

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Apple Inc  unveiled an updated version of its iPad tablet with a brighter screen on this Tuesday, available to order from Friday and with a $329 starting price. The prise is the lowest ever for a full-sized tablet from Apple.

Apple Inc also said its smaller iPhone SE model will be available in 32 and 128 GB versions, replacing the 16 GB and 64 GB models.

Apple also announced a new app for creating videos and sharing them with friends on its iOS devices. The new feature, along with extra iMessage features released in recent years, pushes Apple closer to competing with the features in social networking apps like Snap Inc. The new app, called Clips, lets users add captions and speech bubbles to videos and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Apple’s own messaging app, where videos can be sent to contacts with a single tap. But unlike Snap or other messaging apps, users can add captions to videos using their voice.

This is a good news for the user of apple.but a bad news for  Snap inc.From now snap’s competitors are not only facebook, apple also.

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