The swim ring In the stock market

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We will always be attracted by such a group of people that  a group of people in the crowd of a certain thing in the street suddenly, you will come forward to see, back to think about it, nothing more than: fighting, crash, or more Old friends together to talk about the recent national affairs.

The things on the street are the same, and their words are basically the same. We are always attracted by such things, always want to see what happens. But wasted our time only.

Now with the Internet, mobile phones, the popularity of microblogging, our curiosity are more than half of the attention to the Interne.

In fact, we do not have a little relationship with these, why should we be full of curiosity to the onlookers, mainly our own time is not serious, a lot of curiosity so vent.Some experts say that the broader market will rise or fall, “experts” debate the badly beaten, and  onlookers as investors are watching the fun, and easily to listen to a party。

Different people have different views  for the company and market,and there are some people who kindly grandstanding, good at attracting passers-by, so they experts. I would like to repeat the above I said: Why should we be full of curiosity to the crowd, mainly we take their own time is not the case, a lot of curiosity so vent.

If we use the time of the crowd to thinking or practice, even if we are wrong,We continue to grow in the stock market.It is more important to practice yourself than to buy ten thousand books.When someone else sends out the strategy, or skill, it is a lot of people have been used. This strategy will slowly fail when more adn more people used.

This is why we need more thinking and summed up,So that we have the opportunity to develop a strategy for their own.


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